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Sew On Backing – is designed to sew a patch on clothes.

A patch can be sewn on by hand (you can see me doing it on video) or by using a sewing machine.

An advantage of sewing a patch on clothes is that during washing and wearing it remains in the same place, where you sewed it. If you want to sew a patch on another item, all you need to do is simply unstitch the patch from the old item and sew it on to the new one.

Everything is very simple.

A disadvantage of Sew On Backing is the process itself – the sewing of the patch on clothes. You need to have lots of patience if you want to sew patch with your own hands.

However, you can always ask your girlfriend, or your wife, or your housekeeper, to help you sew the patch by hand or by using a sewing machine. You also can visit clothing shop. They can sew the patch for you.

sew on backing
Sew on backing

Iron On


Iron On Backing – is designed for those who do not want to sew the patch on clothes, and prefer to stick it on by using iron or press.

You can see, how to do it, on videos, which we made for you.

Advantage – fast sticking.

Disadvantage – unsticking can happen if sticking was not followed right technology.

You won’t be able to use the patch with Iron On Backing on towels, leather and artificial leather. Also, you can’t use this type of backing on fabrics that have shaggy surface. Or on fabrics that cannot be treated to heat.

We also do not recommend using Iron On Backing for patches with difficult small cut out details. These small details are very hard to stick.

In any case, if your patch with Iron On Backing came off, you can simply sew it on, like the regular patch with Sew On Backing.

Iron on Backing Cut out border
iron on backing, merrow border

Iron On


Velcro Backing – consists of two parts. The loop is sewn on clothes. The hook is sewn to the patch. Possible to do vice versa.

It is a classical backing for patches for police, military, strike-ball, etc.

The advantage is that, at any time, you can take patch with Velcro Backing from your clothes (with a single movement of a hand) and stick another patch on the place (or not sticking).

For example, you work in the morning as a fitness trainer and wear a patch “Personal Trainer”. In the evening, you work as a security in the nightclub and wear a patch “Security”. You do not want to change your jacket, but need to have a right patch on it. You simply get two patches of the same size with Velcro Backing. Change them, once you are on your way to another work.

Also, if you work as an enforcement officer and have to wear the patch at work, you can easily remove the patch after work. No one around you would be able to see where you work (unless people will see other specific “accessories”, which still will be on you).

It is very convenient.

Velcro disadvantage. You will have to go to the clothes shop and get Loop sewn on clothes for you (if you cannot do it by yourself).  In the process of using and washing, and with time, Hook and Loop get worn out (nothing can be worn forever). So, eventually, you need to change them.

EmbroSoft uses top quality Hooks and Loops. We can assure you, your Hook and Loop wear off will happen not before your clothes wears off.

The price on the patch with Velcro Backing is a bit higher due to the cost of Velcro than prices for patches with Sew On Backing and Iron On Backing.

Velcro Hook Loop macro
Velcro Hook Loop
Velcro Hook Loop
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