Embrosoft Canada Corp.

We weave the magic of embroidery into every patch we create

Our specialty is producing exquisite embroidered patches, each a testament to our dedication to craft and quality. Our selection includes an array of ready-to-wear patches, diverse in theme and style, ensuring there’s something for every preference. Moreover, we cherish the opportunity to bring your personalized visions to life through our custom patch service, transforming your ideas into embroidered realities.

An important note for our savvy shoppers: While we proudly offer our products on popular platforms like Amazon and eBay, a visit to our website comes with a unique perk. Here, prices are consistently lower on our digital storefront than on these marketplaces. This is how we pass on savings directly to you, ensuring you get superior quality and exceptional value.

Our expertise extends beyond the creation of patches. We’re also skilled in digitally rendering embroidery designs, meticulously transforming your sketches into ready-to-stitch files. This blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology sets us apart in embroidery.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business. Customer satisfaction is our priority, from the quality of our patches to the terms of our collaboration, sales, and return policies. Detailed information about our Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, and Refund and Returns Policy is available on our website.

Based in Canada, Embrosoft Canada Corp. has grown to serve a global clientele. As we expand our reach, we maintain a commitment to quality and customer service that knows no borders.

Our Contact Us section will always assist you with inquiries or support.

Step into the world of Embrosoft Canada Corp., where every stitch tells a story, and every patch is a canvas of creativity and value.